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North East Bedfordshire Candidate

I hope to see or hear from as many of you as possible over the next four weeks, campaigning at hustings, on the doorstep, out on the streets, or via social media and email. Below is a brief bio about myself, my values, why I am a candidate for Labour and the choice you have in the upcoming General Election.

I have lived in the constituency for 11 years, moving to Langford in 2006. I have been married since 2000 and have a 10-year-old daughter. I have worked as a Train Driver on London Underground since 2003 and have been a representative for the ASLEF Union since 2007. In my position in the union I represent around 2,500 members across London Underground.

I voted Remain in the referendum, but accept the result was to leave. However, the negotiations must put the economy and workers’ rights at the forefront.

I am proud to be British, proud of our armed forces, and proud of British institutions such as the NHS and the BBC. However, I am extremely worried about what is happening to our NHS which is being underfunded and sold off by stealth rather than nurtured as a service to be treasured

I believe in a fairer society where all have an opportunity to ‘get on’ in life, but not at the expense and disregard of others. I believe in a fairer society that works for the many, not the privileged few.

A divided society, cultivated by the Tories in their own self-interest, creates injustices such as that of Hillsborough fanned by a hostile media which claims to represent ‘the people,’ but merely protects the interests of the few.

What sort of society have we become where food banks are on the rise and have become a necessity for our hard-working nurses, where people are assessed as fit for work and die soon after, and where the sick suffer the indignity of poor care in hospital corridors?

A Labour Government will (as per the draft manifesto): -

• Introduce a Living Wage of £10 an hour
• End exploitative zero-hours contracts
• Strengthen workplace rights
• Guarantee no Income Tax or National Insurance rises for those earning less than £80k
• Scrap the public sector pay cap
• End privatisation of the NHS
• Axe hospital car park charges for all patients, visitors, carers and staff
• Abolish tuition fees
• Reduce class sizes
• Bring the railways back into public ownership
• Introduce publicly owned bus companies
• Meet the 2% NATO defence spending pledge
• Recruit 10,000 police officers
• Introduce a publicly owned energy firm in each region of the UK.

If you want many, or all, of the policies above, then vote for a Labour Government on the 8th June.

Feel free to contact me at julianvaughan2017@gmail.com and you can follow me on Twitter at @juliman66

Julian Vaughan
Labour Party Candidate North East Bedfordshire